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Maggie is one Cool Chick
 The temperature may cool off in the winter
months in Maggie, but there is still plenty to do. Starting
around Thanksgiving and wrapping up after the first
week of March, Cataloochee’s Ski Area season is in full
swing. With award-winning snowmaking, all that’s
needed is cool nights and the slopes are ready to go. Visit
the website to see an updated snow reort, buy tickets
online and see the ski area through webcams at
calling people from afar due to its sweeping views and ripening patch in late summer and fall, so bring your buckets.
Milepost 420: Black
Balsam Knob
This section of trails
includes some of
the most spectacular mountainsandbaldsintheSouthern Appalachians, including BlackBalsam Knob, Sam Knob, and Tennent Mountain. These treeless mountaintops draw alpine appearance.
Milepost 422.4: Devil’s Courthouse According to Cherokee folklore, the devil holds court in a cave on the mountain, where a walk to the bare rock summit is worth every step.
Milepost 431: Richland Balsam Overlook The highest point on the entire Parkway at 6,053 feet, the Richland Balsam overlook also offers a beautiful 1.5-mile self-guided loop trail.
Directions: Take Harmon Den Exit off I~40 near
the NC/TN state line. Head northeast on FR 148
Starting around the first of December and
~Cold Springs Road~ about 3 miles to Harmon
running select days trough the first of March, Tube
Den parking area on the left. Parking for trailers
is also available at lower junction of FR 148 and 3f5o2r6p.eopleofallages.Nospecialsskillsrequired.
World at the north end of the Valley offers snow tubing
If the quieter side is more your thing, winter hikes
offer views that are normally shrouded in leaves the rest
Milepost 418.8: Graveyard Fields
of the year. You can see foot prints from all the animals
A short downhill hike (partly paved) leads to one
that use the paths when snow is present.
of three waterfalls. A popular hiking destination, Graveyard Fields morphs into a wild blueberry field
  Milepost 451.2: Waterrock Knob Waterrock
Knob Visitor Center sits at nearly 6,000 feet and
4309 Soco Rd
offers exhibits, book sales,restroomsanda1.2
Maggie Valley, NC 28751
mile roundtrip trail leading to the summit of Waterrock Knob for an almos(t832680)d9eg2r6ee-0v2ie1w2of the Smoky

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